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This is a lovely, soothing gel which gives instant cooling relief. I use it on my shoulders if I have worked for too long on my computer or on my back if I have overdone it in the garden, and also when the veins in my legs are swelling. My husband obtained relief when it was used on his frozen shoulder and I can certainly recommend it to anyone searching for a delightful smelling anti-inflammatory with a really pleasant texture.

Judith Thomson

Author of "Designs of a Gentleman"

At my busy practice, we need to use therapy products, such as Cetuem, that we can rely on for the most acute conditions, including sports and spinal injuries.  Cetuem Myo Ice Pack  is a dependable product, reducing pain and swelling from the acute phase of injury and improving tissue health throughout the rehabilitation process.  Also, for chronic ligament strains, its perfect for calming the tissues during a flair up and enabling my patients to get back to their daily activities.

The Ice Pack product is essential for all musculoskeletal practices as the immediate relief it provides and overall tissue-calming effects, really helps the day run more smoothly for both patients and practitioners!
Gina John, Osteopath & Pilates Practitioner

Massage therapy is an integral part of my approach to Osteopathic treatment and the Centeum Massage Balm is so far the best balm which I have used. It is a premium product at an affordable price! It generates an expansive warmth which is long lasting during the treatment session. This makes it effective in treating sprains and strains, and especially in treating sports injuries and arthritic patients. Arnica naturally calms the patients tissues while benefitting my hands, so I’m delighted to now incorporate the Centeum Massage Balm into the majority of my treatment sessions. I strongly recommend it to my fellow practitioners!

Gina John

Osteopath & Pilates Practitioner

I have been using Cetuem Myo Massage oil and Myo Ice Pack for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries including muscle strains, ligamentous sprains and also in more chronic conditions involving spinal spondylosis. The Ice Pack gel has a nice and easy texture to apply. The camphor oil, menthol and spearmint help calm the tissues down locally, providing effective pain-relief for my patients. I strongly recommend Cetuem’s products as their effects combine well and complement my treatments.

Julie Powell-Evans


I find the use of Cetuem Myo-Gel® ice pack extremly useful especially in the treatment of acute patients. I especially like the added ingredient of aloe vera and the theraputic anti-inflamatory effect it has on tendonitis.

Marcus Walia


Paola Ash an osteopath at the Healthworks Practice, Morden, London compared Cetuem Myo-Gel® and ice application to patients with bilateral neck pain. Paola stated: “We’ve used both ice and Cetuem Myo-Gel® on our neck patients, but never had any evidence to support using one versus the other.” Paola found that both modalities reduced pain significantly, but patients preferred the Cetuem Myo-Gel application 8 to 1 compared to ice. The Cetuem Myo-Gel treatment lasted longer in 9 out of 10 patients, with twice as much pain reduction compared to just ice. “Now that we know how effective Cetuem Myo-Gel®  is, we are going to continue including it as a standard treatment for neck pain patients and start investigating its effectiveness in other painful areas. We also think that using Cetuem Myo-Gel can help improve patient compliance and retention as so many more of them felt comfortable with the treatment.

Paola Ash


I’ve been in practice for 5 years and have been using Cetuem Myo-Gel® ice pack for the vast majority of musculoskeletal problems my practice treats. Having experience with a range of patients from professional footballers to weekend warriors i know its application works for a range of patients whose aim is to reduce pain, inflammation and pain. Cetuem Myo-Gels® application either during treatment in conjunction with ultrasound or at the end of treatment following osteopathic manipulation has been foremost in having pain resolution and hence high levels of patient satisfaction. Because of this excellent treatment result, my patients most of whom are  footballers are able to return to an active functional state more quickly than just using ice.

Sue Jones

Osteopath to East Moseley FC

I have been using Cetuem Myo-Gel® for the last year on my patients whenever I feel the need to relieve strained and painful muscle groups. Working as an osteopath, I have used many gels and ointments and I can truthfully say this is the most effective for me and my patients. Feedback from patients (who have also asked to buy their own tubs) has been very positive. Applying the lotion is easy and clean and leaves no residue on the patient. As opposed to other pain relief gels that override pain signals, Cetuem MyoGel actually inhibits perception of pain.

Martin Lester

Osteopath at Clinic Rooms

“I have been suffering from a ‘tendonitis’ type pain on my right ankle / top of foot intermittently since about 2005. It has been a tedious, still ongoing, saga, including a Podiatrist whose notes from his initial exam in 2005 were as follows: Functional Hallux Limitus; Tendonitis – Extensor Digitorum Longus; Tight Calf; Peroneal Inhibition – needs release; Ankle manipulation: Calcaneal cuboid point manipulation and peroneal release; Work on Core Stability; Overpronation – wear trainer-type shoes for more arch support. For my overpronation I was prescribed orthotics, plus sessions of physiotherapy; the physiotherapist treated my extensor digitorum longus with local soft tissue releases, worked on tight calf muscles and also performed localised joint mobilisation to my ankle and calcaneo-cuboid joints.
This pain subsided for perhaps 1-2 years and but has recurred; the pain comes on and increases when I walk a lot or drive distances. I have recently seen another Orthotist, Consultant who has noted prominent bunions and have started Physiotherapy treatment. I have also bought new stability trainers. Feet are very complex;  different professionals have varying treatment approaches for what might appear to be a simple condition.
I have been using Myo-Gel Ice for about 1 month and whereas I am still seeking resolution of my top of foot pain, it has
been extremely powerful and helpful in a number of modalities, including:
1. Ease of Application;
2. Speed of drying, with no greasiness;
3. Freezing property without having to use ice packs;
4. Significant Relief from pain.
This is as unfinished saga and I will endeavour to keep you updated regarding my progress or otherwise.

Sandra Goodman PhD

Editor Positive Health PH Online

“I found the CETUEM (Detox Oil) massage oil to be very easy to use, especially with its dispenser that actually helps to prevent spillage and reduces any waste. The oil itself is definitely good quality as I found that a small amount of it actually lasts a lot longer during the massage process than my other oils. It also has a very subtle, relaxing fragrance which really helps to put the patients at ease. It definitely pays to have a quality product like this as it creates a much more pleasant experience for me while treating the patients, as well as for the patients themselves.”

“The CETUEM ‘Majic Effects’ cream was surprisingly effective! I gave a sample of the product to a patient of mine just as a trial. He has very rough skin condition and (depending on the weather) patches of sores which can be itchy and painful. The feedback he gave me after only 10 days or so was that the cream not only helped to calm down the skin condition but it didn’t irritate the skin on application, unlike some of the other creams he has used in the past, he highly rates it and has since bought the whole tub from me.”

Lee Evans


I have found Centuem Ice Pack to be the only cream that has relieved the pain associated with my lupus flares and also pain in my back due to a slipped disc. As it is based on natural products it would not cause me to have a flare. I was allowed to use it during my hospital admission as it was able to relieve my pain when I was unable to take pain relief. I would recommend it and have recommended it to family and friends as it works excellently and does not leave a lingering smell.

Ruth from Redbridge

Cetuem Myo-Gel® Ice Pack – probably the best natural anti-inflammatory there is!

Alan Rowe

Registered Osteopath, Sports and remedial Soft Tutor Therapist & Tutor

Thank you for this wonderful Cetuem Myo-Gel® which sits on my desk at all times. It has relieved the strain and stress in my wrists relieving the aches due to continuous use of the keyboard on a daily basis. A wonderful product which I pray will be well known Worldwide for its miraculous anti inflammatory qualities.

As an individual aware of ingredients used in medical products, I feel totally at ease using ecologically sourced natural ingredients namely; Aloe Vera, Camphor and Menthol.

Sandra Jones

The Ceteum MyoGels are used in Italy by members of the following: www.osteopatiaitalia.it. They have found the MyoGel Ice Pack to be very benificial, promoting healing and reducing pain especially when applied after treatment.

Osteopaths of Italy

I have been hairdressing for 25 years, and as a result have a repetitive strain injury to my shoulder. This has subsequently reduced my working hours. Since using the Cetuem Myo-Gel® Ice Pack three times daily, it has helped to relieve my shoulder pain and enabled me to increase my working hours and earnings. I would thoroughly recommend this product to my friends and family.



I find Myo massage balm has just the right texture and as such is very useful  for deep tissue manipulation.  I also like the fact it contains arnica and colendula to help with pain and inflammation.

Sholeh Fadami

DO Regd Osteopath Ealing Osteopaths

I recommend his DVD on Osteopathic Manipulation The Art of HVT, very clear and well explained, a great bonus when practicing for practical exams in osteopathic manipulative technique.

Daniele Truffa

Senior student (BsC Hons Osteopathy)

I like to use Cetuem Myo-Gel® Ice Pack as it has a good texture, its easy to apply and has a wonderful calming effect. So I like to use it on my aching muscles and inflammed joints, especially if I’ve over done it in the garden.

Carol Marsden, West Sussex

As an osteopathic student I bought the ‘Art of HVT’ DVD as a study aid. It proved to be invaluable and I ended up using it not only for individual revision but for study group sessions. The DVD is laid out clearly and has a fantastic range of not only HVT’s but also information on examination and articualtion covering pretty much most joints. David presents the techniques really clearly giving step by step instructions of holds and body positioning. Now some years down the line I continue to review and refine techniques, and ‘The Art of HVT’ continues to be an excellent resource. I would highly recommend it to both students and practitioners.

Eva Gorska

Registered Osteopath

I have been using the Myo Gel Ice Pack regularly for my lower back problem as you know and have had good results! The Gel has been holding me steady and whilst using it on my legs have found that the veins which were threatening to emerge permanently have been subdued and are not painful anymore!  I was concerned that I would end up with varicose veins which I have always found very unpleasant looking –  now at least I have a chance to prevent permanent angry veins and the Gel is so comforting on my aching legs! Thanks David.

Margaret Sweet

Since the IOCP course in Southport I have been using your Cetuem icepack ultrasound gel to great affect, having now had to purchase additional stock due to high usage. I treated a patient on Friday evening who has been attending physiotherapy sessions at the hospital for shoulder and neck pain with a LRoM on the l side. Following manipulation ( low amplitude) massage and ultrasound the patient is now has a pain score of 2 . has reduced pain medication and is able lead a reasonable life with a FRoM. The cooling effect of the gel is good for the patients and I find the viscosity of the gel is good compared to certain other brands.

Kev Watts


I have been using the Ice Pack gel for a number of years, following recommendation from my Osteopath. The gel helps in the reduction of inflammation of my injured knee (and any other body part for that matter!) and I use it religiously. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone recovering from an injury or suffering chronic inflammation, such us in my case, from sports.

Christina I